Under the Corona {2}

Covid-19, Diary, Diary, Under the Corona

Renamed this blog thread. I toyed with Love and Death in Times of Coronavirus, after a novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez,however,I felt that it was too truculent. Love, yes; but I am not dead,not yet. Then I came with Under the Corona, a transition from Gabriel Garcia Marquez to Malcolm Lowry. It doesn’t feel as carrying so much baggage. I am using the original name of the epidemic, as I just like the way it sounds.

The rapid spread of the virus has underscored the fragility of our societies, of, in short, capitalism. A predatory economic doctrine which has been systematically laying waste the environment, within which humans are just another species, yet we have managed to usurped , and displaced, most of the other species to the fringes of nature, staring at the abyss of extinction.

Will us, humans, be able to survive such an scenario?

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