Into my mind…

Abstraction, Archive, Before social media, Diary, Photography

The allure, and the trap, of social media.

Yes, I fell for it.

The photograph above was made, and posted, on 2012. On Google Plus, if I remember well. After several years of exploring analogue, or film, photography, I started playing with the digital medium, a new one for me. At the time, I had this vision that quality, or lack of it, would drive, or not, likes to what I was doing. Yet, images such as the one above, a pictorial exploration using an enlarging lends on a bellows, had very few, if any, likes. The tyranny of social media, where we look for the satisfaction of the approval of our peers, abandoning our explorations, without understanding that people approves what they they understand, what they have seen, what they have lived, what they are told what is good, or not.

Regardless if the above image is any good, or not. It was a line of exploration, after many years of photographing the environment around me, which I abandoned. The allure of social media, yes, I fell for it, without realizing that the trap closed on me.

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