Today is not my birthday


We try to reach the stars, burnt we will be.

Like children, off springs of the universe, our freedoms are imprisoning us.

Are we constraining us because we want to go beyond the vastness of life?

The sun is shining, I am nourished by its warmth, the cries of seagulls going round and round filling my aural sky.

Clouds wander. A spider built its web while I was having my morning coffee. Was that the one who landed on my lap?

If I speak, a web will appear.

If I stay silent, a web will appear.

I was to begin with the words “Today is my birthday”.

But it is not. A week will pass. Then I will be able to say “Today is my birthday”.

Then I will say “I was born in Viña del Mar, Chile”. Does it matter?

A shadow leaving no traces behind. Will I?

No. I will not say when my birthday is.

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