Last night…

Or, better said, early this morning was the first time I felt the winter cold.

I bought this sketch book, it seems to be taking the ink of this pen quite well.

I bought another Parker fountain pen, part of the Sonnet range. Quite a classic design, which has been going on for a number of years. The one I bought, online, is matt black with gold trims, very subdued. That is good, actually.

I am writing this with an older Parker fountain pen. I like the way it slides over the paper, blue ink with green overtones. A green undercurrent below the blue. So, I think that I will stay with this ink.

This pen, a Parker which I bought some years ago, will be loaded with black ink, while the new one will be loaded with blue ink. That will allow me to play with the colours, perhaps black ink for sketches or drawings, while good will be for text.


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