Pigeons impatient…

Pigeons impatient, asking for their breakfast, as the sparrows are not coming to the feeders in this cold January morning, splashing the seeds, as they do.

Their voice is comforting in the background as I have my morning coffee in the balcony. The white with grey markings one is watching, in case that the seeds come on her way, all interrupted by the explosive departure of the flock, leaving her back for a brief moment, as they become aware of something that I did not.

A door closing as my neighbour went inside.

The sound of bells tolling calling for the morning service fills the air. Then silence, for the sound to come back for a while, first with three calls.

A tit, briefly, flew to the feeders. Not many birds this morning, foggy but cold.

Bella is running about, I love when she does that. Full of energy.


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