End of year ramblings

After sorting out my websites, I went out for a longish walk. Good humoured, the highlights being encountering a woman and her two daughters on Pearson Park on a bike ride, just for them catching me about half an hour later two or three miles up the road.

End of year, no much to see on the news outlets, the usual round up of the past year on the world stage, the arts, culture, all, frankly, quite boring.

Facebook, after getting a message from them on my phone, when I do not have the Fb app, is, simply, dead, or nearly dead to me. I will keep it open for my family, I will also post links from my website and blog. I will see how it does go.

Talking about website, I have split in two, taking the blog away on a wordpress.com account, whilst keeping my site on a self hosted account, also running on wordpress software. I changed the gallery software from NexGen to Envira, as its speed is noticeable better. After a couple of year using NexGen, I found put that I did not use the array of gallerier and album they offer, so I moved to the leaner Envira.

There is a stronger social dimension by moving my blog to worldpress.com hosting. Running cost will increase, but, what the hell!


A study of childhood by Jacqueline Roberts using the wet plate technique.

Nebula, an amorphous stellar object when viewed at a distance, becoming clearer and clearer as the eye get closer.

My Christmas present to me from me.

I actually eyed it about a year ago, however, there were always something else before it.